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Olive Farm and Food Company in Manisa, Türkiye 
1.650 Decares Commercial Land


Manisa / Turkiye

Olive Oil Farm
Olive Tree Oil Farm


Size: 1.650..000 m2


Zoning type: 


Price: $12M 



USD 2% buyer side


The company, which aims to bring together the agricultural riches grown in the fertile Aegean Region of Turkey with food importers, wholesalers, distributors and final consumers around the world, owns 80,000 olive trees and a Food Factory on a land of 1,650 decares.

Over the years, the company has diversified in both its product and processing method with the same vision and added new flavors to its product range. Especially pepper varieties (roasted, pickled, marinated, canned, IQF), grilled vegetables, products in oil, sauces, salads and Bruschetta varieties, stuffed leaves, capers and many organic certified product varieties and packages, both in food industries - restaurants / catering, as well as for retail consumption has taken a reliable place in the world market.

95% of the products produced by the company are exported.

The average age of 80,000 olive trees in the company's land is 15-20. The trees are in a productive state. The types of olives are Ayvalık (Edremit), Memecik and Gemlik.

In order to turn the olives obtained from the trees into oil, the company has a modern olive oil pressing facility with a closed area of ​​1,250 square meters. The olive oil obtained is of very high quality.

Olive Farm and Food Company
Olive Tree Oil Farm
Olive Tree Oil Farm
Olive Tree Oil Farm
Olive Tree Oil Farm
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